Volcanic activity and South Carolina? You heard us right. In fact, there’s an entire world of active volcanoes right here in South Carolina, that are open to the public for exploration — and some pretty epic adventures, too! According to the National Park Service, Kings Mountain National Military Park in Blacksburg is an active volcano in South Carolina that has quite a history, and you can learn about it when you visit!

But don’t worry, the volcanoes aren’t still “active” in the scientific sense, meaning you won’t have to worry about stepping in hot lava while you explore. But it sure is fun to pretend there’s an active volcano in South Carolina, because there is! Kind of. Let’s take a look.

Have you been to this National Military Park in South Carolina? Did you know there used to be an active volcano at this location and it may have a dormant volcano arc?

And you’re up for more adventure in The Palmetto State, you should try The Unrivaled Canyon Hike Everyone In South Carolina Should Take At Least Once.

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Active Volcano In South Carolina

In addition to Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina, what are some unique parks in the state?

South Carolina is home to so many wonderful parks that each offer a unique and fun experience. Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Jocassee near Salem, South Carolina, Devils Fork State Park certainly stands out from the pack. Lake Jocassee is a man-made reservoir nestled in a canyon, that's known for its pristine water. Much of it comes from springs, so not only is it clear, it's also cooler than most lakes in The Palmetto State. In all, the lake is 7,500 acres and some spots are 300-feet deep. The campgrounds are carved into the natural landscape with tent sites that have been leveled and filled with soft earth and sand, for an up-close experience with nature that's absolutely sublime. Lake Jocassee is one of the very best and most unique parks in the state, and a must if you're into camping.

What are some little-known places in South Carolina?

South Carolina may not the biggest state in the United States, but there are more hidden gems in South Carolina than anyone could know. But we sure try! The ACE River Basin (an acronym for the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Rivers) is some 1.1 million acres of low islands separated by small rivers, marshes, swamps, and creeks. Then there's Ovis Hill Farm in Timmonsville, a working sheep ranch, farmers market, and family-friendly destination with seasonal festivals where you can churn your own butter, paint your own gourd for bird nests, see sheep shearing, and learn to make your own yarn. Who could be expected that this pastoral delight was right here in South Carolina?

What are some must-visit state parks in South Carolina?

Caesars Head State Park is a great place to go if you're looking for a quintessential "park" experience with all.the.outdoor.recreation options. This state park covers over 7,000 acres, has five waterfalls, loads of hiking trails, fishing, and breathtaking camping. Read about more of our favorite state parks in this article. Hunting Island State Park is peak South Carolina; part of the ACE River Basin, this beautiful park is also home to a lighthouse, loggerhead turtles, myriad bird species, and lots of other types of wildlife. It's the most visited state park in South Carolina, and it's incredible.


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