Most People Don’t Know About This Magical Sunflower Field Hiding In South Carolina

If you were driving on the interstate or a main highway in South Carolina and passed a golden yellow field full of sunflowers it would be hard to miss. But this annual sunflower field in the Palmetto State is off the beaten path and unless you’ve been there before, chances are good you probably don’t even know it’s there.

Beechwood Farms is a family-run farm that began in 1963 with a small field of crops in Marietta, SC. Today, Beechwood farms hundreds of acres. They also operate a roadside market in Travelers Rest where you can pick up fresh local produce from May through November. To learn more about this year’s annual sunflower field – including updates on when it’s open for U-Pick – you should follow Beechwood Farms’ Facebook page. It’s updated often. For more info about Beechwood Farms, you can also check out their official website.

Did you know about this hidden sunflower field in South Carolina?

If you’re heading to Marietta in September for this u-pick sunflower opportunity and want to have lunch in the area, then you should definitely check out this historic train-themed restaurant in Travelers Rest.