Here Are 17 Enchanting Hidden Gems In South Carolina Worth Taking A Detour For

Let’s face it, South Carolina is not the biggest state in the United States. There are so many more that would engulf us, but the fact of the matter is, South Carolina has so many crooks and crannies that it would take a lifetime to see all that it has to offer and you may still miss a spot or two. There are more hidden gems in South Carolina that anyone could know. Here are 17 of them that I assure you are worth taking a detour for.

There is so much packed in this state! Rich in natural beauty and culture there’s no wonder the love I have for South Carolina. It is even better to know that I can find something new around every turn of the road. What are some other hidden gems that no one knows about? Would you like to share them? Please, do so in the comment section below.