The Most Remote Lake In South Carolina, Tugalo Lake Is Also The Most Peaceful

The Palmetto State is a water lover’s paradise. Whether it’s shredding waves on the coast, rafting rapids on the Saluda in Columbia, or spending the day topside on the boat of your dreams on one of our lakes, you’re in the right spot to do any of the above. But what about finding a water destination that’s so out of the way that it’s actually quiet and missing that touristy vibe? Here’s a remote lake in South Carolina that most people have never even heard of – but it’s absolutely stunning.

This remote lake in South Carolina is the perfect spot for rafting and paddling enthusiasts. But it’s also known for its great fishing! Had you heard of it before today?

Access to the lake via the load-in ramp mentioned above is located 22 miles northwest of Westminster, 53 miles northwest of Anderson, and 77 miles southwest of Greenville. See? It really is in the middle of nowhere!

It’s worth mentioning here that Section IV of the Chattooga River is widely known as one of the most dangerous Class IV rapids in America and it’s claimed many lives. The “Take Out Ramp” for Section IV of the Chattooga mentioned in this article is located approximately five miles BELOW the dangerous rapids. So kayaking this section of the river below the ramp mentioned above should be a smooth experience.

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Address: Lake Tugalo, South Carolina 29658, USA