Pumpkintown General Store In South Carolina Will Transport You To Another Era

Historic general stores still dot the landscape in the most rural of areas in the Palmetto State and each one offers a nostalgic look into the past worth seeking out. Over in Pumpkintown, located in Pickens County approximately ten miles northeast of Pickens, the Pumpkintown General Store and Café has provided this tiny community with a place to land for food and other essential items for upwards of 80 years. And from the looks of things, it’ll be going strong for at least another eight decades. Here’s what you need to know when paying a visit to this time-honored business in the Upstate.

For more information, check out the Pumpkintown General Store Facebook page. Have you stopped in the remodeled Pumpkintown General Store and Café yet? We’d love to hear about your dining experience as much as we’d also love to hear your favorite memories of the store. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a Facebook comment or recommend another historic general store in South Carolina by completing our official nomination form.

If you love stepping into the past for a trip down memory lane, then check out the oldest general store in South Carolina. Lenior Store has been open since soon after the Revolutionary War, so history buffs will be absolutely enchanted.

Address: 3837 Pumpkintown Hwy, Pickens, SC 29671, USA
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Historic Sites In South Carolina

August 23, 2022

Are there any other long-standing restaurants in South Carolina?

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Are there other worthwhile general stores in South Carolina?

A general store doesn’t have to boast a storied past to be worth checking out. Even the newest shops can be completely loaded with charm, though there’s certainly something special about a time-tested establishment. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of 15 amazing general stores in South Carolina that should be visited — and the variety is impressive. From candy to trinkets to great BBQ, these stores hold a little bit of everything.

Address: 3837 Pumpkintown Hwy, Pickens, SC 29671, USA