These 12 Beautiful Vineyards And Wineries In South Carolina Are A Must-Visit For Everyone!

It is scientifically proven that red wine is good for your heart. Now, with that being said, science does not say that you should drink a whole bottle of the stuff every night! (Although, there are times when a whole bottle is just the right amount.) Science says that a glass of red wine can do wonders for your body while you sleep. And, it just so happens that South Carolina has been making its own wine for some time now. Here are 12 wonderful places to visit in South Carolina where you can take tours, learn the history, and taste the sweet red wine!

11. Irvin House Vineyards & Firefly Distillery, 6775 Bears Bluff Rd, Wadmalaw Island

I know that visiting some of these places may be impossible for some of you. At least, if you can’t go and taste the beautiful wine Irvine House Vineyards is making than you can take a video tour. Today’s technology is something else!

12. Victoria Valley Vineyards, 1360 S Saluda Rd, Cleveland

These beautiful vineyards are set at the foot of some of the most glorious views. You can feel a world apart in a matter of minutes in this setting while tasting the fine wines of the Upstate.

Wine is always been something that I drink on a rare occasions, but when I do I always choose a South Carolina wine. Mostly because I love muscadine wine. My mom used to make it in small batches when I was growing up so it was one of the things that just kind of stuck with me. What do you think of our list? Tell us in the comments below!