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Rhode Island has an awful lot of tragic history for the smallest state. There are hauntings of all types in parks, stores, and even a merry-go-round! But one great place to get up close and personal with a real haunting is a hotel. Whether there was a tragedy related to the history of the building, or people passed away in the rooms, there are many ways for a hotel to experience spirit activity. We’ve compiled a list of haunted hotels in Rhode Island where you can actually spend the night!

Which of these haunted hotels in Rhode Island creeps you out the most? Is it the same one you’re curious to book a stay at? Let us know if you do, and if you experience anything spooky! If you’re perhaps on the hunt for a slightly less… spirited stay, you can always check out for the perfect accommodations.

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haunted hotels in rhode island

What are the most haunted places in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is home to many haunted places including:

  • The farmhouse from the story that inspired the film, "The Conjuring" (2013).
    • In Burrillville, Rhode Island, residents of the house during the 1970s claimed to have witnessed paranormal activity and disturbing occurrences that led to an investigation by paranormal researchers. Please note, the house is private property and may be occupied.


Can I go ghost hunting in Rhode Island?

Yes! There are numerous ghost hunting tours throughout the state of Rhode Island, many throughout the year:


Can I visit any abandoned places in Rhode Island?

There is a plethora of abandoned places throughout the state of Rhode Island just waiting to be explored:

  • From forts like Fort Wetherill built in 1895 to an old train station in Pawtucket, visiting these abandoned places is an adventure for thrill seekers and ghost hunters, too.

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