Take This Unforgettable Road Trip To Experience Some Of Pennsylvania’s Most Impressive Caves And Waterfalls

You just can’t beat a good, old-fashioned road trip. Those of us who live in Pennsylvania know how many amazing spots there are to visit, making it easy to satisfy our wanderlust. This road trip to some of the best caves and waterfalls in Pennsylvania promises a whole lot of natural beauty – and will answer that age-old question: Where are there waterfalls near me?

You can customize the directions to add or delete stops or use the itinerary as inspiration to create your own road trip. Check out your custom map of caves and waterfalls in Pennsylvania on Google Maps. Before you set off on any road trip, call ahead to make sure destinations are open and to check on the hours, so you don’t make any wasted trips. Another helpful tip: be sure to use our ultimate road trip packing list to make trip preparation a breeze!

What are your favorite waterfalls and caves in Pennsylvania? Let us know in the comments! If you’re wondering, “are there any waterfalls near me,” wonder no more. Here are 10 waterfall hikes in Pennsylvania to add to your to-do list.

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Waterfalls Near Me

February 25, 2022

What are the best waterfall hikes in Pennsylvania?

Hiking trails with waterfalls in Pennsylvania are pretty easy to find, but it’s probably fair to highlight the following:

  • None are as epic as Falls Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park. The 7.2-mile trail leads to 21 waterfalls, including the 94-foot Ganoga Falls.
  • If you prefer a shorter trail that also offers views of the 21 waterfalls, follow the 3.2-mile Highland Trail.


Either way, prepare for a challenge and bring plenty of water and snacks along. (Only experienced hikers are permitted to hike the trail in the winter, and proper equipment is required for the trek.)

Where is Cucumber Falls in Pennsylvania?

Tucked in Ohiopyle State Park, Ohiopyle Falls and Cucumber Falls in Pennsylvania are both easy-to-reach waterfalls that require just a short stroll. A few fun facts:

  • The sprawling state park is also home to one of the best waterfall hikes in Pennsylvania. Follow the Youghiogheny River Trail, a picturesque 3.8-mile path that features a slew of breathtaking scenery – tiny waterfalls, a wooden footbridge, and wildflowers – all leading to Jonathan Run Falls.
  • The waterfall drops just 10 feet but its width makes up for what it lacks in height.
  • Ohiopyle State Park is also home to Meadow Run Natural Waterslides, a popular spot for cooling off in the summer.


Is Raymondskill Falls in Pennsylvania the state’s tallest waterfall?

There are so many gorgeous waterfalls in Pennsylvania that dot the state. One of the most beautiful, hands down, is Raymondskill Falls in Pennsylvania. Did you know the following:

  • Raymondskill Falls is the state’s tallest waterfall.
  • It cascades down 150 feet and features three tiers.
  • Follow the Raymondskill Creek Trail, one of the best waterfall hikes in Pennsylvania, to get to this amazing natural wonder.
  • The .6-mile trail features steps, so some hikers consider it moderate, while others give it an easy rating. You can view the majestic cascade from one of two levels, and you definitely don’t want to forget your camera.
  • Interestingly, if you add each of the three tiers of the waterfall, they’re almost as high as Niagara Falls.