Not Many People Realize That These 10 Things Are Actually Illegal In Pennsylvania

Each state has its own set of weird, outdated, or just plain outrageous laws. Whether they simply are from an older time, or they were instituted due to a weird circumstance (or a joke), it’s always fun to learn what strange activities are illegal where you live. Here are some weird laws in Pennsylvania that you probably didn’t know about… see if you’ve ever broken any of them!

What do you think about these weird laws in Pennsylvania? Have you unwittingly broken the law before? Share your thoughts and opinions about these odd laws and rules in the comments section below!

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weird laws in Pennsylvania

July 16, 2021

What are some other weird things in Pennsylvania?

What some consider “weird,” others consider “wonderful!” So keep that in mind with these following factoids: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is the mushroom capital of the world. It produces one million pounds of mushrooms per year and has an annual mushroom festival! The most haunted house in the country was once considered to be the Congeleier House on Ridge St. in Pittsburgh. And the world’s largest furry convention, Anthrocon, occurs in Pittsburgh every year.

What are some fun facts about Pennsylvania?

The Keystone State is one of the oldest in the United States, and as such, it’s home to many “firsts.” The first department store in the U.S. was located in Philadelphia. It was called Wanamaker’s. The first complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton can be found in the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. Pittsburg is also home to the first baseball stadium. Benjamin Franklin started the country’s first zoo in Philadelphia: the eponymous and beloved Philadelphia Zoo. And in 1946, the world’s first computer was used in Philadelphia.¬†And here’s a unique fact about PA: the Philadephia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers merged to form the Steagles for one season in 1943. The teams merged because both lost so many players to military service during WWII. Can you believe that?!

What is it like living in Pennsylvania?

Weird laws and oddities aside, the Keystone State is an absolutely wonderful place to live. We have four seasons, beautiful natural wonders, loads of historical sites and attractions, and some beautiful (and safe!) places to live. Maybe we take our weather predictions from a rodent, but hey — it’s just part of our charm!

Address: Pennsylvania, USA