This Is What Pittsburgh Looked Like 100 Years Ago… It May Surprise You

A century ago most of us in Pittsburgh hadn’t even been born yet. But, look at the old black and white photographs from those years so long ago, then look at the Burgh today. Can you see the past in 21st century Pittsburgh?

Just 100 years ago, people bustled past Kaufmann’s, the home of the Tick Tock Restaurant, floors of shopping, the bargain basement, and regal gold elevators. Today, Kaufmann’s the department store is gone but its memories remain in an empty building that Pittsburghers still pass daily.

The horses, buggies, and old cars have been replaced by modern cars, buses, and a subway. The Steel City has transformed into a technological hub. But, despite the difference in decades and in generations, one thing still holds true: The Burgh still has much of the same charm it did a century ago. Here’s what Pittsburgh looked like 100 years ago:

There you have it: Here’s what Pittsburgh looked like 100 years ago. Which photograph was your favorite? Why?