The Truth Behind Pennsylvania’s Mysterious Statue of Liberty Was Revealed After 25 Years

No one in the town of Dauphin knew where it came from or how it arrived. In 1986, a Statue of Liberty replica appeared on a piling in the middle of the Susquehanna River, off of Route 322. Traffic on the highway stalled from people who pulled over, slowed down, or stopped altogether to peer at the strange new landmark. Thus began the story of this Pennsylvania mystery.

The second Lady Liberty is the one that remains to this day. She stands 25 feet tall and greets all who pass through Dauphin. Check out the video below to learn more details of the fascinating story, and see more of her.

Had you heard of this Pennsylvania mystery? If you have, have you ever seen the mini Statue of Liberty? What did you think? Share your stories below. If you’re a fan of mysteries, you’ll likely be intrigued by the tragic tale of the Boy in the Box. (Maybe you can help identify him?)

Address: US-22, Dauphin, PA 17018, USA
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July 03, 2020

Are there any urban legends in Pennsylvania?

If it’s interesting stories from Pennsylvania you like, you’ll absolutely love the urban legend about the Bus to Nowhere. The Bus to Nowhere doesn’t have a number, but it drives along the streets of Philadelphia, picking up lost souls. If you want to grab a spot on the bus, you’ll have to chase it down to get the bus driver’s attention. Once you’re on it, you’ll stare out the window, joining other riders in their hopelessness. You can catch the bus, stay on it as long as you want, but once you exit, you won’t remember a thing.

What are the most popular ghost stories in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is bursting with the paranormal, and you won’t find a more haunted place in the state, or maybe even in the country, than Gettysburg. If you visit Devil’s Den in Gettysburg, for example, you might experience the paranormal for yourself. The popular ghost story goes something like this. Visitors to the Civil War sniper’s den tell of meeting quite a friendly fella, in a brimmed hat, who asks if you’d like him to help you get the perfect photo. He might even pose for a few photos with you. When the camera shutter clicks, he disappears. He never appears in any of the photos either.

What are the weirdest things about Pennsylvania?

Discovering a mini Statue of Liberty might top the weirdest things about Pennsylvania, but there are certainly plenty more. Did you know that Pennsylvanians also do some mighty weird things (or at least it might seem that way to out-of-staters)? If you’ve never put French fries on a sandwich or on a salad before, you might find that a bit weird, right? Pennsylvanians are also known for racing lawn mowers, outhouses, and cheering on dachshunds as they race. We also play music on the rocks at Ringing Rock’s Park and debate over which is best: Wawa or Sheetz and whether it’s called pop or soda.

Address: US-22, Dauphin, PA 17018, USA