5 Bizarre Cults Formed In Pennsylvania And Their Fascinating Stories

We all know the stories of some famous cults… But you may not know that some have taken up residence close to home. Pennsylvania has had its share of interesting religious societies, especially because it was originally formed as a colony of religious freedom. More than one group on this list took refuge in Pennsylvania from religious persecution in Europe.

Contrary to what you might associate immediately with the word “cult,” most aren’t violent. A cult is any system of religious veneration that is focused toward a particular figure, so you could say any religion is a cult. I’ve included historical religious communities on here that could be considered cult-like, as well as a few that might satiate your need for utter weird-ness a little bit more… Some are long gone, while others are still active.

Do you know of any other cults that would fit on this list? Share your stories in the comments below.