The Oldest Funhouse In The U.S. Is Still Standing In Pennsylvania… And Still Creepy

Maybe you’ve been to a carnival with a funhouse, and have enjoyed the thrill of wandering through it: those strange concoctions of the creepy, disorienting, and silly. Imagine how spooky an abandoned funhouse would be…

The United States’ oldest funhouse, called Bar’l of Fun, stands in the abandoned Bushkill Amusement Park in Pennsylvania. Be warned, the park is on private property and trespassing is illegal; however, you can enjoy the footage that some adventurous urban explorers have captured below.

Bushkill Park was closed in 2006, after a series of devastating floods, and has remained closed since. Check out the video below for some more spooky footage of the park and the Bar’l of Fun funhouse.

Do you remember visiting Bushkill Park when it was open? Have you ever been inside the funhouse? Share your memories below.