Here Are 10 Burger Joints in Pennsylvania That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Being an avid cheeseburger lover, this list was not easy for me to complete. The temptation was strong to abandon my laptop in favor of the nearest diner. I’m positive that after reading through the following article, your next stop will be one of the places on this list… I know that my stomach is rumbling.

1. Wert’s Cafe, Allentown


Wert’s Cafe has been an Allentown mainstay since 1968, when Fred and Connie Wert followed their dream to open a restaurant. Everyone knows that in the Allentown region, Wert’s is the place to go for a great burger. I should also mention that their amazing onion rings are a mandated part of your order.

2. Dunning’s Grill, Pittsburgh


Dunning’s is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets around. A family owned restaurant, it may not look like much from the outside, but I promise everything you order here will be delicious. Their burgers are gigantic– good luck finishing yours.

3. Bolete, Bethlehem


If you’re in the mood for a higher-end meal, Bolete is the place to go. You will have a hard time wrapping your jaws around one of their gigantic burgers.

4. Good Dog Bar, Philadelphia

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.44.18 AM

The website Eater cited Good Dog Bar’s burger as one of the top in the entire country! I’ve never been there, but it sounds like it’s well worth a visit.

5. PYT, Philadelphia


Above is pictured the most appetizing veggie burger that you will ever lay eyes on. PYT specializes in burgers and has a giant selection of types, including the Doh! Nut which is served on a glazed donut, and Lobster & Crab which… well, as you might guess, is made from lobster and crab meat.

6. Murray Avenue Grill, Pittsburgh


The best burger I’ve ever had was at Murray Avenue Grill, located in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood in Pittsburgh. It was perfectly cooked to order, and complete with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and cheese. I could taste the apple flavor in the applewood bacon that topped it. The burger was also gigantic– I could only eat half.

7. Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar, Pittsburgh


Winghart’s is a chain famous in Pittsburgh for their good burgers, wings, and whiskey. With three locations within the city, it can be difficult to find an open table during peak hours. Their burgers all have clever names, including the “I Don’t Care Whatever” and the Shipwreck Burger.

8. DJ’s Taste of the 50’s, Lancaster


DJ’s has the best burgers in Lancaster County and a fun 50’s atmosphere, to boot. With over 20 varieties, you’ll be begging for help to decide which one to try first.

9. The Jackson House, Harrisburg


Customers regularly wait in line outside The Jackson House to get their famous half-pound burgers. The owner began to grill thick burger patties thanks to inspiration from a New York burger joint called Jackson Hole. The small restaurant is modeled after a South Philadelphia cheesesteak shop– customers file through to order and pick up their food.

10. Burgh’ers, Harmony


Burgh’er is the greater Pittsburgh area’s first gourmet burger spot! They create all of their food from fresh, locally farmed and grown ingredients. They are definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.

Which burger spots in Pennsylvania are your favorite? What have we left out?