The largest natural spring in Pennsylvania can be found in the appropriately-named town of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania in Cumberland County. While there are hot springs in Pennsylvania, this is not your typical hot spring, despite what the town name might suggest. The town is called Boiling Springs because there are a number of artisan wells bubbling up throughout the town – the biggest of which enters a beautiful lake in the center of town.

The video below gives you a better sense of the area around Children’s Lake while showing how to walk to see the spring itself feeding into the lake.

Have you ever visited this gorgeous spring lake in Pennsylvania? Or do you know of any other ones that rival its beauty? If you’ve discovered true hot springs in Pennsylvania share your stories below – we love hearing from you!

Now that you are all “warmed up” from Boiling Springs, PA how about another adventure to find the best swimming holes in Pennsylvania?

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Are there hot springs in Pennsylvania?

Where do I find natural hot springs in Pennsylvania?

There are a number of natural hot springs mostly in southern Pennsylvania. Here are a few to add to your road trip bucket list:

1. Omni Bedford Springs Resort: The best Pennsylvania hot springs are found in a luxury spa setting at this resort. With a spring-fed indoor pool to rejuvenate your body and soul and eight mineral springs within a short hike from the resort, this is a wonderful way to experience hot springs in PA.

2. Frankfort Springs: In eastern Pennsylvania, you'll find a beautiful state park - Racoon Creek State Park. It is home to the ruins of Frankfurt House, an 1800s hotel and resort-turned-restaurant that burned down in 1932. Taking nearby hiking trails you'll discover a natural spring-fed pool and waterfall that shows off the illustrious beauty Pennsylvania has to offer.

3. Black Spring: Tucked away in the mountains of Bedford Township, PA, this hidden gem natural spring is a nice little getaway surrounded by nature. It's also a nice fishing spot filled with trout.

4. Big Spring: One of the largest natural springs in Pennsylvania, you can find this little-known spring-fed pool after a six-mile hike in southern PA. It is on private property so you'll need permission to visit. The reward is epic with a sandy bottom pool of crystal clear blue-green water.

5. Mineral Springs: Take the 1.3-mile Mineral Springs Loop Trail in Hookstown, Pennsylvania to find this lovely pool with waterfalls and cool rock formations. If you love nature, and we know you do, this area should be on your to-do list.

Why is Boiling Springs called "the bubblers?"

Boiling Springs is called "the bubblers" because of the natural artisan-well springs from which the town gets its name - Boiling Springs. Their high school mascot isn't a tiger or even the state animal white-tailed deer, it's a lake. Sort of. Children's Lake, actually a pond, is famous for the natural springs that flow into the lake creating "boiling" bubbles.

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