The Outrageous Milkshake Bar In Pennsylvania That’s Piled High With Goodness

Milkshakes have come a long way since the days of diners, sock hops, and poodle skirts. Sure, we can still treat ourselves to a classic shake in chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. However, today’s milkshakes are so much more than a cool drink topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Modern milkshakes, like those served at this milkshake bar in Pennsylvania, are huge, decadent treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Do you have a favorite milkshake bar in Pennsylvania? Tell us about it in the comments! Next time you’re in the adorable small town of Sharon, cool down with a massively delicious and refreshing milkshake at Donna’s Diner.

Address: What's Shaken, 349 Pierce St, Kingston, PA 18704, USA