These 4 Out-Of-Place Creatures Have Been Spotted In Pennsylvania And You’ll Want To Steer Clear

Pennsylvania’s home to its fair share of wildlife – from elk and deer to skunks and bison. But, some of the wildlife we’ve seen in years past have either largely disappeared from the area or aren’t seen very often. Some wildlife, however, is becoming increasingly more common in the neighborhoods and suburbs of Pennsylvania. If you see any of these four wild animals in Pennsylvania, definitely keep a safe distance.

How many of these wild animals in Pennsylvania have you seen? Let us know in the comments! Then check out these stunning photographs of some of Pennsylvania’s native wildlife.

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Animals In Pennsylvania

December 14, 2022

What are some of the most dangerous animals in Pennsylvania?

Wild animals may look cute, but they’re wild and can be dangerous. Here are just a few of the most dangerous animals in Pennsylvania:

  • While they might be utterly adorable, black bears top the list of most dangerous animals in Pennsylvania. The black bear population in Pennsylvania hovers around 20,000, and these wild animals have an average lifespan of 25 years.
  • Timber rattlesnakes are most often seen in the forested areas of Pennsylvania and awake from winter hibernation in April.
  • Ticks pose a threat to humans and animals because they carry Lyme Disease.
  • Black widows are a common poisonous spider in Pennsylvania, and their bite is extremely dangerous.


Coyotes are increasingly common in suburban areas of Pennsylvania. Keep an eye on your dogs, cats, and small animals, who are prey for these dangerous animals in Pennsylvania.

Where are some places I can see wild animals in Pennsylvania?

While we want to steer clear of the most dangerous animals in Pennsylvania in the wild, we can still admire them from afar. Here are just a few places to see wild animals in Pennsylvania:


What are the best zoos in Pennsylvania?

One of the best places to see wild animals in Pennsylvania is in one of its zoos. Here are a few Pennsylvania zoos that are worth a visit: