It’s Thanksgiving Every Single Day At Fry Brothers, A Quirky Turkey Restaurant In Pennsylvania

Mmm…mmm…can you just smell Thanksgiving dinner? Maybe it’s turkey, drenched in piping hot gravy. Add some fluffy mashed potatoes, buttery corn, and cranberry sauce. And, what else? Butter melting on fresh rolls straight from the oven. The only bad thing about Thanksgiving dinner is, well, that we only eat it once a year (plus the leftovers, of course). Next time you’re craving a homemade Thanksgiving meal, head to this turkey restaurant in Pennsylvania.

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Still hungry? If you love good, old-fashioned meals, plan a visit to this fried chicken restaurant in Pennsylvania.

Address: 27 PA-184, Trout Run, PA 17771
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turkey restaurant in Pennsylvania

July 13, 2020

What are the best places to get comfort food in Pennsylvania?

Everyone loves comfort food, and what could be more heartwarming than a big bowl of rich mac and cheese? When that craving hits, visit Mac Mart in Philadelphia. This mac and cheese restaurant doesn’t serve your everyday, boring dishes. Believe us, these meals are quirky and creative. Bring the whole family and stuff your face full of their magnificent meals. There’s something for everyone at this delightful dining destination. For more mouthwatering eats, visit Hershey Pantry. Their menu is full of all the comfort food classics you crave: burgers, onion rings, and fish and chips. They also serve a fantastic breakfast!

Are there any quirky restaurants in Pennsylvania?

Fry Brothers in Pennsylvania isn’t the only unusual restaurant in the state. For more fun eats, visit The Bent Fork in Greenville. This restaurant doesn’t just serve scrumptious meals — they do it in a vibrant and exciting setting. You’ll love the eye-catching decor and friendly service. For more adventure, visit Three Monkeys Cafe in Philadelphia. Like The Bent Fork, this colorful eatery boasts a unique atmosphere and mouthwatering menu.

What are the most famous restaurants in Pennsylvania?

While we always love visiting Pennsylvania’s hidden gem eateries, sometimes it’s exciting to check out the highly rated establishments. If you want a tried-and-true meal that always satisfies, check out our list of the best restaurants in Pennsylvania. From charming cafes to cozy taverns, this article showcases all of the must-visit eateries in the state. Be sure to stop by Kathy’s Cafe in Hughsville. The groovy atmosphere, paired with the modern cuisine, makes for an unbeatable experience. Three B Saloon, located in Erie, is another dazzling destination. Their epic BBQ creations are pure bliss.

Address: 27 PA-184, Trout Run, PA 17771