This Canopy Walk Near Portland Will Make Your Stomach Drop

With multiple zip lines and daring obstacles, a thrilling visit to Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure park is something you cannot miss! With frightenly beautiful canopy walks, you’ll be suspended as high as 90 feet in the air. Brace yourself for one of the most exciting and adventurous activities near Portland (literally)! Drive 30 miles out of Portland to walk among the horizon with the treetops that surround it. Come with family or friends and you are sure to have a blast! Here is an unbelievable canopy walk near Portland that will allow you to see the forest in a way you’ve never see it before.

Cory Rossnagel / Youtube

Check this place out! It’s located at 2975 SW Nelson Road Gaston, OR 97119.

Can you believe that there are platforms attached from tree to tree so high above the ground? Have you ever walked so high about the air?