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Why stay in an ordinary hotel when you can experience Portland from one of these amazing bed and breakfasts? Scattered around town, there is something for everyone in this list of the best bed and breakfasts in Portland. Check out this list of our favorite bed and breakfasts in Portland for the next time you’re looking for a cozy little getaway here in Rose City!

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These bed and breakfasts are worth exploring so start planning your own getaway asap! What are your favorite bed and breakfasts in Portland? Share them with us in the comments below!

Prefer a hotel experience? There’s a pup-friendly boutique hotel in Portland that’s as cozy as it is luxurious!

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bed and breakfasts in Portland

What is a great place to stay in Portland?

A great new place to stay in Portland is Hotel Grand Stark. While the above bed and breakfasts in Portland are all divine, if your idea of the perfect escape involves a lux getaway *with* your favorite four-legged friend, then you’ll definitely want to check out this new hotel in PDX. Hotel Grand Stark is a beautiful new boutique hotel in Portland, Oregon that welcomes guests and their pets with open arms. This swanky space will have you in total R&R mode — and Fido will be very pleased with the hotel’s fine selection of bespoke services just for him.

What are a few fun things to do in Portland?

Fun things to do in Portland include:

  • Noble Rot
  • Portland Axe Throwing
  • StormBreaker Brewing
  • Powell's

Portland is a paradise for foodies, with some of the coolest and most innovative restaurants in the PNW! Case in point: Noble Rot, a restaurant in Oregon that literally has its own ecosystem. Housed in a LEED-certified building, Noble Rot is hydrated by an 8,000-year-old glacial well, and a rooftop greenhouse supplies the vegetables, herbs, and flowers for the menu at the restaurant. Noble Rot is, quite frankly, the future of farm-to-table dining, and definitely a place for your Oregon dining list. If you're looking for some stress relief, check out Portland Axe Throwing, a unique attraction that lets guests literally throw wooden hatchets at targets! This spot is actually connected to a local brewery, StormBreaker Brewing St. John’s, making for a super memorable and fun night on the town! And if you're into books, you'll most definitely want to hit up Powell's, the world's largest independent bookstore. Powell's has been around since 1971, and it's one of Oregon's most legendary landmarks. Known as the world's largest independent bookstore, this incredible place is home to an impressive collection of over 1 million books, ranging from bestsellers to rare first-edition volumes, and everything in between. Whether you love poetry, sci-fi, classics, romance, art books, theory, cookbooks, experimental literature, or a plethora of other genres, there's something here for everyone. How cool, right?!

What are some fun weekend getaways around Portland?

Fun weekend getaways around Portland include:

  • Mt. Hood Meadows
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden
  • Willamette River
  • Cascade Mountains
  • The Society Hotel

When you need to get away from it all, there are numerous options for amazing getaways in and around Portland. In the winter, nothing beats a retreat at one of Oregon's numerous ski resorts; you won't find better views or outdoor reception anywhere in the PNW! For Portlanders, Mt. Hood Meadows (set against the backdrop of majestic Mount Hood), is peak Oregon beauty. A favorite for PDX skiers and snowboarders since 1968, this ski resort spans 2,000 acres and is one of the largest ski resorts in Oregon. Season passes and multiple visit passes are available online, and both options offer unrivaled value for winter recreation enthusiasts. If, on the other hand, you're in the mood for a more relaxing retreat, there’s a hotel in downtown Portland with a rooftop deck that allows guests to bask in the town’s breathtaking beauty. With 360-degree panoramas of downtown Portland, the Lan Su Chinese Garden, the Willamette River, and Cascade Mountains (including a glimpse of Mt. Hood on clear days), the rooftop deck at The Society Hotel is a perfect place to relax and reflect, mingle with family and friends, or simply revel in the resplendence of Rose City.