There’s Almost Nothing In Life A Day On Oregon’s Clear Lake Can’t Cure

Oregon’s lakes are peak #pnwonderland: clear-blue and shockingly cold, placid and pristine, superlative and world-renowned. While there are so many beautiful lakes to escape to when a case of wanderlust (or The Mondays) strikes, today we’re visiting a favorite that never fails to turn our proverbial frown upside down. In Cascadia, Oregon, Clear Lake is the source of the famous McKenzie River, formed more than 3,000 years ago when volcanic lava flow blocked a stream bed. True to its name, Clear Lake is as transparent as glass, with visibility to the bottom more than 100 feet down in some spots. The perfect place for a long, languid float or afternoon paddling trip, there’s almost nothing a day on Clear Lake in Oregon can’t cure.

When was the last time you spent an afternoon at Clear Lake in Oregon? Grounding, soul-filling R&R await at this lovely lake in the Beaver State.

Address: Clear Lake, Oregon 97759, USA