The Oklahoma Steakhouse In The Middle Of Nowhere, White Dog Hill, Is One Of The Best On Earth

Perched on a hill overlooking the plains of Oklahoma sits one of the country’s best steakhouses – White Dog Hill. It’s situated on acres of rustic land in an old golf clubhouse from the 1920s. It may be located in the middle of nowhere, but we promise it will be worth the drive. There’s a reason so many consider White Dog Hill to be the best steakhouse in Oklahoma!

For an in-depth look into White Dog Hill, watch the video below:

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The Sooner State is home to many delicious steakhouses. To find one in your area, click here.

Address: 22901 Rte 66, Clinton, OK 73601, USA
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Best Steakhouse In Oklahoma

January 05, 2020

What are the best steakhouses in Oklahoma?

The Sooner State is, believe it or not, a fairly diverse place to dine. We may not be among the most populous states in the nation, but we have restaurateurs from all around the world waiting serving up delicacies in the most unsuspecting places. However, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned American steak, and we have those in abundance, too. Backdoor Steakhouse is award-winning, thanks to their impressive selection of prime USDA cuts. Bull in the Alley is another restaurant that’s worth the drive in Oklahoma, although you may have to search for it in a rather unexpected place: an actual alley! You’ll find all sorts of steakhouses here in our lovely state.

What is the fanciest restaurant in Oklahoma?

The topic of the best restaurant in Oklahoma is hotly debated. Why? Well, to be quite honest, there are so many incredible dining destinations worthy of visiting that it’s nearly impossible to just choose one as the best. However, if fancy is what you’re craving, we know just where to look. Molly’s Landing in Tulsa is truly unique with its collections of art and eccentric chandeliers. Victoria’s Tea Room is the perfect place to get dolled up and enjoy a day out with the girls, or you can dress up and dine in a castle in Oklahoma City.

What are the best hidden gem restaurants in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has all sorts of hidden gem restaurants, and locals are always happy to point you in the direction of their favorite hot spots. Some, of course, are more sought out than others. One such destination, The Rock House, hides on a dirt road off of US-271. Riverside Café in Medicine Park immerses visitors in the splendor of the local landscape, and our small towns are overflowing with incredible dining destinations in the most unexpected places. There’s nothing quite like treating your taste buds to a road trip across The Sooner State.

Address: 22901 Rte 66, Clinton, OK 73601, USA