Ohio has its fair share of all things weird. The following videos showcase what we believe to be the weirdest events and phenomenon—some explained and some not—to occur in Ohio over the years.

1) The Circleville Letter Writer (Perhaps Ohio’s strangest unsolved mystery.)

2) The legend of Mothman – with deep connections in Ohio, this video actually takes place in WV.

3) Eugene the Mummy (Yes. Yes this actually happened.)

4) When one of our rivers literally burst into flames:

5) The Great Serpent Mound is essentially our state’s Stonehenge:

6) That time we caused the Northeast Blackout of 2003:


7) And then that time this viral video of an OSU fan at the Sugar Bowl confused us all (probably more than it should have.)


Stay tuned for other events sure to make the news or go viral, because here in Ohio it appears that anything is possible.

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