You May Not Want To Swim In These 7 Ohio Lakes This Summer Due To A Dangerous Discovery

Several bodies of water in Ohio have been placed under health advisory in the past due to high and potentially dangerous levels of bacteria and toxic algae.

Algae blooms are large formations of algae that can cover the surface of a body of water. Microcystin is a toxin produced by algae, and is harmful to humans and animals. Any concentration of microcystin greater than six parts per billion in the water results in a public health advisory. If the levels are higher than 20 ppb, the health department advises that people avoid any contact with the affected water.

Children, elderly individuals, and women who are nursing or pregnant are at particular risk from the contaminated water. People with weakened immune systems or those who are ill are also cautioned to avoid the water.

Generally, bacteria contamination prompts a lower advisory level than toxic algae contamination. Be sure that you check on the conditions before you head to these Ohio lakes.

Below are the bodies of water that have been placed under a health advisory due to contamination. Where available, the area where the contaminated samples were pulled is listed after the name of the body of water.

Once officials pull two water samples from a body of water that test under six ppb, the health advisory on that body of water will be lifted. Algae levels and advisories fluctuate throughout the summer, so the information above is subject to change as new water samples are taken. Please follow all signs and directions at local lakes and rivers, and stay up to date on water advisories in your area.

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July 05, 2022

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