On the Not Your Average Bucket List travel podcast by OnlyInYourState, our goal is to find the best things for you discover in the United States. Our audio adventure is all about creating opportunities for you to explore: from being introduced to new small towns to uncovering interesting urban legends tied to spots around the country.

Now, in a recurring series of mini-sodes, our hosts will help you find the best things to do in your state each month. And, seeing that it’s just heating up in the Midwest, it’s perfect timing to discover the best things to do in June in Ohio! In this episode, we explore the top 10 best things to do in Ohio this month, but if we missed something good…let us know! You can call or text 805-298-1420 and tell us what we need to know (or reach out to us via email at podcast@onlyinyourstate.com).

Ohioans have waited all winter for the sun to start shining…now, it’s time to let loose and have some fun with these awesome June events and attractions in Ohio! So, are you ready to discover some cool things to do in June? You can listen to our episode about these awesome Ohio events on Spotify or Apple podcasts (or you can find our show Not Your Average Bucket List wherever you listen to your favorites shows):

We also have video versions of our podcast on YouTube, including the best things to do series! Watch our episode on the best things to do in Ohio in June below:

So now, it’s time to start planning your month of June in Ohio — these are some of the best events we found, and we hope you like them!

To discover more incredible things to do in Ohio (and in the United States), check out the Not Your Average Bucket List travel podcast. Hosted by travel enthusiasts and OnlyInYourState staff, Marisa and Sara, our hope is to help you discover the coolest things to do in your backyard!

We hope you enjoy these June events, but if you’re looking for even more ideas, find us on the OnlyInYourState YouTube channel!

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