Ohio’s covered bridges are the state’s best kept-secrets — and they just waiting to be discovered! The Covered Bridges Byway in Ashtabula County, (also known as the Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Tour), is an especially beautiful way to take in some of Ohio’s back road scenery and discover some charming covered bridges along the way. You can drive through America’s shortest and longest covered bridge along this scenic route, which features a total of 19 Ashtabula covered bridges. We’ve mapped out a few of the Buckeye State’s most interesting bridges for a scenic day trip that you won’t soon forget; this adventure is perfect for a leisurely scenic drive or a weekend road trip. So gas up the car, grab some snacks, and get ready to see some of the most charming covered bridges in Ohio!

What a beautiful day trip, right? How many covered bridges in Ohio have you visited? Which is your favorite? If you’ve taken this trip to see all of these winsome covered bridges in Ohio, we’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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How many covered bridges are there in Ohio?

There are more than 100 covered bridges in Ohio, making it a great to admire these historic gems. You'll find them dotting the landscape from north to south, east to west. But if you want to visit a bunch in a day, the above road trip in Ashtabula County is your best bet!

What are the oldest covered bridges in Ohio?

  • Newton Falls Covered Bridge
  • Eaton Bridge
  • Roberts Covered Bridge.


While dates can be a bit hazy with these old structures, here's what we know: the Newton Falls Covered Bridge is considered to be the second oldest in the state, eclipsed only by one in Eaton built in 1829. The Eaton Bridge, the Roberts Covered Bridge, is just barely older than its competitor in Newton Falls. The really interesting thing about the Eaton Bridge is that it has been moved from its original location, and though it is still spanning the same creek, it is now in a public park. Read more about these historic covered bridges in Ohio in our article.

What are some other fun road trips in Ohio?

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