A Tiny Mexican Restaurant In Ohio, Guerra’s Krazy Taco, Serves More Than A Dozen Types Of Tacos

Here in Ohio, we don’t have a shortage of delicious tacos. (Be sure to check out this mouthwatering taco trail.) There’s one taco joint hiding in a neighborhood in Springfield, Ohio that’s a little-known treasure. Arguably one of Ohio’s best and most unique taco joints, you’ll find more than a dozen signature creations here. This is one tiny Mexican restaurant in Ohio that’s worth a trip from any corner of the state.

Check it out:

Guerra’s Krazy Taco is located at 229 N Belmont Ave, Springfield, OH 45503. Have you ever been here before? If so, we want to know what your experience was like!

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Address: 229 N Belmont Ave, Springfield, OH 45503, USA
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tiny Mexican restaurant in Ohio

January 20, 2020

What are the best Mexican restaurants in Ohio?

Casa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina, located in Athens, serves some of the most delicious Mexican food in Ohio. They’re known for their giant tacos and scrumptious breakfasts. Bring your appetite! They don’t serve wimpy food here. For more mouthwatering tacos in Ohio, visit Casa Del Taco in Chillicothe. You’ll get your food fast, but it’s by no means “fast food.” Their dishes are made with fresh, real ingredients and you can taste the difference. Be sure to try their homemade avocado dressing. This stuff is addicting.

What are the best tiny restaurants in Ohio?

Sometimes, it’s the tiny restaurants in Ohio that pack the most flavor. This is definitely the case with Crabill’s Hamburger Shop in Urbana. This no-frills eatery crafts magnificent sliders that are juicy and delicious. Sure, the shop only has 8 seats, but the meals are full of giant flavor. Kengo Sushi & Yakitori, located in Toledo, is another small eatery that’s full of wonderful menu items. You’ll love savoring the flavors of Japan at this fantastic restaurant. To learn more about the best tiny restaurants in Ohio, read our article here.

Where are the most unique restaurants in Ohio?

The Barn Restaurant in Smithville is one of the most unique restaurants in Ohio. Dine in rustic style at this converted old barn. You’ll love the soup and salad wagon. This is an excellent date night destination. The School House Restaurant, located in Camp Dennison, is another one-of-a-kind restaurant in Ohio. The building dates all the way back to the 1860s when it was used as a one-room schoolhouse. The interior is decorated with chalkboards and gingham tablecloths. Enjoy delicious comfort food classics like fried chicken, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. This place has a unique atmosphere and a scrumptious menu!

Address: 229 N Belmont Ave, Springfield, OH 45503, USA