You’ll Discover The Most Mouthwatering Food Inside These 8 Neighborhood Restaurants Near Columbus, Ohio

Here in Ohio, we have no shortage of delicious restaurants to enjoy. Whether you’re craving rustic Italian pasta or creative American cuisine, you’re sure to find it here in the Buckeye State. Today, we’ll focus on a handful of unique neighborhood restaurants situated in the Columbus area. These restaurants, whether they’ve been around for a few decades or a few months, have found a place in the hearts of both visitors and locals and it’s not hard to see why. You’re bound to be impressed by the variety of cuisine and the local flare demonstrated by each of the following establishments.

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So whether you’re a local or a visitor just passing through, you won’t be disappointed by the variety of dining options to be discovered in this part of the state. If you’re curious to browse additional choices in the area, be sure to download Flavvr, an amazing resource for finding local food and drinks in Columbus.

Have you visited any of the restaurants mentioned above? What are some of your other favorites in the area? We’d love to hear from you!