Traipse Past Woodland Fairy Houses And Beneath Tree Canopies On This Fairy Tale Trail In Ohio

There are lots of magical places and enchanting destinations in the Buckeye State, from real-life castles and wizard-themed pubs to beguiling waterfalls and winsome woodland forests. In terms of fairy tale places in Ohio, though, it’s hard to top today’s featured adventure. In gorgeous Granville, Ohio, the Infirmary Mound Trail is a captivating, fairy tale trail that’s not only immensely scenic, but it’s also home to real-life fairy houses and woodland wonders.

Have you explored the Infirmary Mound Trail before; and, if so, did you see any fairies or woodland magic along this fantastic fairy tale trail in Ohio? While the fairies officially call this Ohio park home through the end of September, woodland magic and wonder can be experienced all year long at this enchanting Ohio park.

Address: Infirmary Mound Park, 4351 Lancaster Rd, Granville, OH 43023, USA