A Trip To This Retro Soda Fountain In Cleveland Will Take You Back In Time

One of the most exciting parts of living in a city like Cleveland is the community-wide celebration of local history. Through architecture, art, and photographs, we preserve and commemorate the two hundred-plus years that have built Cleveland into the community it is today. But one super sweet shop on Detroit Avenue preserves tradition in a mouthwatering way, and you simply must check it out.
Editor’s Note: Sadly, Sweet Moses closed its doors for good in 2021. We’re going to miss it! For now, there are many local shops that are still worth checking out. Cathy’s Creamery belongs on your bucket list… consider visiting them instead!

In a community with as much history as Cleveland, it is both sweet and refreshing to visit a retro soda fountain as cozy as Sweet Moses! What is your favorite dessert from Sweet Moses? Let us know in the comments, and share some of your favorite pictures!

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