Summer In Greater Cleveland Isn’t Complete Without A Road Trip To This Beach With An Inflatable Wonderland

Is there anything sweeter than sunshine? Here in Northeast Ohio, sunlight is a coveted natural resource. It either comes in sporadic bursts or beats relentlessly upon our landscape, but locals love it either way. In the warmer months, it’s customary to spend as much time as possible drinking in its golden goodness in the great outdoors. But where can a Clevelander go to do this when our nearby parks start to feel bland? There’s one beach in particular that outshines the rest, and it offers the perfect destination for a weekend trip.

This man-made slice of paradise is just 80 minutes away from home, making it a destination perfect for a day trip or a weekend-long camping adventure. Who will you be taking with you?

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If you love waterfront wonders but don’t want to travel far, you’ll love these gorgeous beaches in and around Cleveland.

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