This Greater Cleveland Lazy River Has Summer Written All Over It

Northeast Ohio is a fascinating region full of diverse wildlife. Much of our native fauna exists in waterways like Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River, but these sites earned an unfortunate stigma following the Cuyahoga River Fire of 1969. Both the lake and the river were seen as irreparably polluted by skeptics and the disaster led to the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency, the creation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, and the enactment of the Clean Water Act in 1972 – all of which have dramatically impacted and improved the quality of our waterways.

These days, both bodies of water are clean, safe, and intrinsically tied to summertime fun in Cleveland. From the beaches of Lake Erie to the rapids of the Cuyahoga, you’ll find that summertime adventure abounds in Greater Cleveland.

While you’ve doubtlessly visited a lazy river or two in your lifetime, you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a float trip down the Cuyahoga. Will you be embarking on this epic adventure?

If you can’t get enough of outdoor adventure, you must add these 12 things to your summertime bucket list.

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