Road Trip From Cleveland To Zoar To See Where American Soldiers Staved Off The British Against All Odds

When it comes to the American Revolution, United States citizens rarely hear of Ohio’s role during and following the era’s most iconic battles. Now, Ohio was not yet a state, but the territory did have a teeny tiny military presence in the 1770s… and the site where they operated was located just about an hour away from modern-day Cleveland. The American soldiers founded Fort Laurens in Ohio, but they wouldn’t stay long, as brutal conditions and the cruelty of warfare made the fort ultimately unsustainable. Dust off your time machine and prepare to take a trip through history, because this one fascinating site belongs on your bucket list.

Fort Laurens in Ohio is a fascinating landmark, even though it only hosted soldiers for a short time. Have you ever visited this historical site and museum? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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After your visit to Fort Laurens, you could enjoy Cle’s attractions and hidden gems. Here’s a guide for you.

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Address: 11067 Fort Laurens Rd NW, Bolivar, OH 44612, USA