7 Photos Of Historic Hotels That Once Offered The Most Comfortable Stays In Cleveland

Cleveland may not be a typical choice for a vacation spot, but the city has much to offer today… just as it did a century ago. Once upon a time, Cleveland was home to industrialists, inventors, and one of the richest streets in the United States. Such wealth funded the growth of the young city, and in the wake of such growth came hotels. Historic hotels in Cleveland are numerous today as a result, but many more hotels have been demolished or otherwise forgotten. However, these hotels hosted celebrities, presidents, and other persons of interest… and Chef Boyardee even got his start cooking locally at one! Prepare for a trip through time, because you can’t visit these old hotels anymore.

While some historic hotels in Cleveland have rebranded, like in the case of the Renaissance, most of these historic places have been largely forgotten. What do you think… would you have stayed in any of these hotels? What an amazing bragging right it would have been to have dined on a meal lovingly prepared by Chef Boyardee himself. Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

It’s amazing to see Cleveland transform over the years. But what happens when lovely places fall into ruin? Take a look at Mike Tyson’s former home to see.

Address: Cleveland, OH, USA

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