The city of Cleveland, which was established in 1796, has a lengthy and fascinating history. Inventions, notable people, and rich lore stem from this region, yet many of these wonderful stories aren’t well known to some of us locals. Listed below are 12 Cleveland firsts that you might not be familiar with. In fact, some of these things Cleveland did first might even blow your mind.

Were you already familiar with these 12 Cleveland firsts? Did any of them really surprise you? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

There have been quite a few weird and strange things to happen in Cleveland. Looking back, it truly is incredible what has taken place in this Ohio city.

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First Things Done In Cleveland

What are three inventions from Cleveland that the rest of the world is thankful for?

As previously mentioned, there have been many Cleveland firsts, including some of the best inventions to ever come about. Listed below are three inventions that the world is definitely thankful for. Can you think of any others to add to the list?

1. Modern Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries were invented in 1899. However, it wasn't until 1957 that this special type of battery became a staple. While working at Eveready's Cleveland factory, Lewis Urry, Paul Marsal, and Karl Kordesch invented a long-lasting alkaline battery.In 1960, their patent was granted. After experiencing rebranding, the Eveready Alkaline Battery eventually became known as Energizer.

2. The First-Ever, Stopped-Heart Surgery

In 1956, at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Donald Effler and Dr. Lawrence Groves were responsible for performing the first-ever, stopped-heart operation. The way this happened is the doctors and their surgical team used a heart-lung machine, which was developed by the Cleveland Clinic's very own Dr. Willem Kolff, to stop a patient's heart for 17 minutes in order to perform an operation. During the time of this procedure, risks were very high because it was something new. However, today, this is a very common procedure at the Cleveland Clinic.

3. Commercial-Scale Refrigeration

In 1853, Alexander C. Twining patented his own refrigerator. What made it extra special is the fact that it produced lots of ice daily. This refrigerator, which was a huge success, was used in Cleveland, Ohio at his first plant. However, the patent for his refrigerator was eventually infringed upon.

Is it true that Cleveland is home to one of America's first shopping malls?

There have been many Ohio firsts, especially here in Cleveland. One of them includes The Arcade, which is a beautiful shopping mall that's located in downtown Cleveland. It boasts two structures consisting of nine stories. These structures are then connected by a five-story arcade, which is reminiscent of an indoor street that's lined with a variety of shops. The Arcade opened in 1890, making it one of America's first shopping malls. So, yes. Cleveland is in fact home to one of the first shopping malls in America.