This Gigantic Pumpkin Show Near Cleveland Is The Best Way To Celebrate Fall

For many Ohioans, fall is an absolutely magical time of year. Before the temperature takes a dreaded turn for the worse, we locals are treated to a vibrancy that’s unrivaled in most parts of the world. Our foliage is diverse and rich, coming alive in shades of yellow, rust, and red. Orange, of course, is a plentiful color this season, too… but no other place in the state is overflowing with the color like this one Ohio city. Pack up the car with some candy corn and snacks, because we’re taking a road trip down south for an epic autumn event!

There’s so much to love right here in our own state that it’s mind-boggling. This festival may be a bit of a drive from Cleveland, but it’s close enough to provide a spirited escape from reality on a budget. There’s nothing quite like it, so you won’t want to miss it!

For more information about the Circleville Pumpkin Show, including a calendar of special events and a peek at the festivities, check out their website here and follow along on their Facebook page here.

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