The Easy 1-Mile Winter Hike In Cleveland That’s Positively Bewitching

Now that we’re firmly in winter’s icy grasp, it gets a little harder to get out of the house as often. No one wants to spend the day outside where the air hurts your face for no good reason. That said, there is a certain elegant, pure beauty to Cleveland in the wintertime. This is most apparent in the city’s gorgeous parks, where the natural wonders of the Forest City take on a unique, strikingly minimal look with a healthy dusting of powdery snow.

Perhaps the best way to experience just how incredible Cleveland winter can be is through a quick walk in the woods. So lace up your boots (or snowshoes, depending on the day) and be sure to check out this outstanding hiking trail in Cleveland.

Have you ever been on this unforgettable Cleveland adventure? Do you have any stories to share of your winter hiking experiences in the Forest City? Be sure to tell us in the comments below.