9 Beautiful Covered Bridges Near Cleveland That Remind Us Of A Simpler Time

It is easy to find oneself overwhelmed by the necessities of our current era. Traffic, constant streams of communication, and a nonstop buzz of activity can make the world seem like it is closing in. It doesn’t have to feel that way, of course, especially if you are a Northeast Ohio resident. There are many lovely places that provide a much-needed dose of serenity, from the Cleveland Metroparks to scenic roads that twist through the surrounding countryside. There are also plenty of lovely covered bridges around Northeast Ohio, and these lovely places are close enough to Cleveland that they are well worth visiting when you’re in need of peace and simplicity.

Something about covered bridges charms us beyond words. Their elegant designs have a certain sort of majesty about them, particularly when they’re surrounded by a landscape as lovely as Northeast Ohio’s. Which bridge is your favorite?

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