It is easy to find oneself overwhelmed by the necessities of our current era. Traffic, constant streams of communication, and a nonstop buzz of activity can make the world seem like it is closing in. It doesn’t have to feel that way, of course, especially if you are a Northeast Ohio resident. There are many lovely places that provide a much-needed dose of serenity, from the Cleveland Metroparks to scenic roads that twist through the surrounding countryside. There are also plenty of lovely covered bridges in the area. These lovely covered bridges near Cleveland are well worth visiting when you’re in need of peace and simplicity.

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Something about covered bridges charms us beyond words. Their elegant designs have a certain sort of majesty about them, particularly when they’re surrounded by a landscape as lovely as Northeast Ohio’s. Which of these covered bridges near Cleveland is your favorite? Share a few covered bridges near you with a comment.

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Covered Bridges Near Cleveland

Where can you find Ohio covered bridges?

Ohio has plenty of charming new and old covered bridges to enjoy. Here are a few Ohio covered bridges to add to your bridge tour:

  • Smolen-Gulf Bridge, Ashtabula, OH: This bridge is a fairly recent addition to Ohio's bridge collection since it was completed in 2008. However, it is now the longest covered bridge in America at 613 feet long. The Smolen-Gulf Bridge crosses the Ashtabula River giving you stunning views of the river and forest below. It is especially beautiful in the fall.
  • Caine Road Covered Bridge, Jefferson, OH: Another beautiful bridge in Ohio's Ashtabula County, this charming bridge was built in 1986 to honor Ashtabula County's 175th Anniversary. It was the first Pratt truss-style bridge in Ohio reminiscent of historic bridges from the 1800s. You'll find it in Pierpont Township as it crosses the Ashtabula River.
  • Newton Falls Covered Bridge, Newton Falls, OH: This lovely bridge is the oldest covered bridge near Cleveland, and the oldest to remain in its original position in all of Ohio. It was finished in 1831. The Roberts Covered Bridge in Eaton was built two years earlier, but it was moved to a public park. The Newton Falls is also known as the Arlington Boulevard Covered Bridge.
  • The Bridge of Dreams, Brinkhaven, OH: This 370-foot bridge was originally a railroad bridge built in the 1920s. It is now part of the Holmes County Trail, a 15.7-mile point-to-point trail near Killbuck, Ohio that travels through Amish country.


When you are in the mood for a scenic drive through Ohio, these lovely covered bridges will make delightful stops as you travel in search of charming small towns and interesting places to explore.

What is the longest covered bridge in Ohio?

The Smolen–Gulf Bridge in Ashtabula County is the longest covered bridge in the United States and, naturally, the largest in Ohio. The bridge, named in honor of former Ashtabula County Engineer John Smolen and architect Timothy Martin Gulf, spans the Ashtabula River and measures 613 feet long. It's an engineering marvel and a tribute to traditional wooden bridge architecture, using modern construction techniques to ensure durability. The Smolen–Gulf Bridge is a Pratt Truss design intended to carry modern, heavy loads for many decades. It's not just a relic or a nod to history; it's a fully functional bridge designed for modern use while capturing the aesthetic of traditional covered bridges.

Visitors often find the Smolen–Gulf Bridge particularly scenic, set against the backdrop of the Ashtabula River and surrounded by natural beauty. It is a popular spot for photography, leisurely drives, and even educational field trips to learn about engineering and history.