You Can Take A Unique Tiki Boat Tour Of Cincinnati This Summer

There’s so much to do outside during the warmer months in Cincinnati and a lot of it revolves around water. Our beautiful city is situated right along the Ohio River, which not only gives us one heck of a skyline view, but also allows for many activities on the river. Not all of us can own a boat and head out for the afternoon, but you can live your best life aboard a tiki boat tour in Cincinnati this summer. SS Tiki Tours offers trips along the Ohio and you can really customize your experience. Take a unique tiki boat tour this summer and enjoy the Queen City like never before.

SS Tiki Tours is a fun and unique way to experience our city and the Ohio River. Grab a friend or a few and enjoy a tiki boat tour in Cincinnati for an unforgettable outing in the Queen City. This lighthearted, accommodating boat tour sounds like the perfect summer adventure. Are you ready to “set sail?” Share your thoughts with us in the comments and tag anyone who would hop aboard with you!

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