There’s A 200-Year-Old Spring House Hiding In Plain Sight In Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s history is incredibly fascinating and there is evidence of it hiding all over our city. Some pieces of our past are easy to spot, like landmarks and buildings, while others are not so obvious. One historic destination in Cincinnati is hiding in plain sight, right on the side of a busy westside road. The Delhi Spring House is over 200 years old, and if you didn’t know this unique spring house was there, you’d probably drive right on by.

Learn more about the spring house and take a peek inside with this video by ErvTV:

The 200-year-old Delhi Spring House once served a very important purpose in Cincinnati, and it’s now been wonderfully preserved as a hidden gem and historic site in the Queen City. Did you know this was hiding in plain sight in Delhi? Are there other similar places you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments!

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