Drink Your Way Through Cincinnati On The Margarita Marathon

Of all of the types of food in the world, tacos definitely seem to be having a moment right now. Everyone loves these handheld meals, and Cincinnati is home to several places where you can enjoy everything from authentic flavors to unusual creations stuffed inside a tortilla. And if tacos are all the rage right now, then margaritas are as well, as they tend to go hand in hand.

There are many places in the Queen City to sip on this refreshing drink, so we’ve rounded up six of the best margaritas in Cincinnati. While it may be a bit longer than a mile, and we definitely don’t recommend visiting all of these in one day, but you’ll eventually want to check out this entire route and drink your way through Cincinnati on the Margarita Marathon.

Click here for an interactive map of the route.

Are you ready to tackle what may be the sweetest new food trail in the Queen City? Start with these six restaurants for the best margaritas in Cincinnati and then be sure to let us know which places we should all head to next!

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