A Favorite Chinese Restaurant In Cincinnati, China Chef Has Outlasted Most Others On This Street

Many neighborhood restaurants in Cincinnati come and go over the years, and only a few hang on for the long run. If you grew up in Colerain in the 80s, chances are you enjoyed many takeout meals from China Chef. This favorite Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati is still around, almost 40 years later, and many say it’s better than ever. With a new look and delicious menu, it’s time to check it out again, unless of course you’ve never stopped visiting this westside local gem.

Many areas of the Queen City, Colerain included, have seen local restaurants come and go over the decades. While much of Colerain Avenue looks different than it did 40 years ago, China Chef remains a favorite Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati. When was the last time you stopped in for takeout and a dine-in meal at China Chef? Share your love for this local eatery with us in the comments.

For more information (and even to order online!), visit the China Chef website.

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Address: 8034 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45239, USA