Watch As Hundreds Of Santas Take Over The Queen City At Cincinnati SantaCon

The holidays are a magical time for little ones, but who says they get to have all of the fun? When was the last time you gathered up your friends, dressed up like Santa, and headed out on the town? If you participated in Cincinnati SantaCon last year or in year’s past, then you have an exact answer to this question. And if you haven’t had the joy of this merry experience, then mark your calendar for this year’s SantaCon in Cincinnati. Join hundreds of your closest beard-wearing friends and get ready for some adult fun this season.

SantaCon in Cincinnati is a unique holiday event for the adults in town who want to spend a day in December with hundreds of other Santas, having a holly jolly good time. This is a tradition for many locals each year and if you have yet to participate, maybe this is your year to track down a Santa suit! Have you been to Cincinnati SantaCon? Have you seen the crowds of Santas take over downtown? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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Address: Cincinnati, OH, USA