This Old Bank In Cincinnati Is Now A Restaurant And You Need To Visit

It’s always a unique twist when a restaurant repurposes a historic space and maintains that character in the dining space. It makes for a great atmosphere in a restaurant and at the same time, preserves a piece of history. There are many restaurants in Cincinnati that have done just that, and one of them has been serving the community since 1995. Teller’s of Hyde Park was an old bank back in the day and now stands as a popular and beautiful restaurant and it’s time to pay it a visit.

Teller’s has been a mainstay in the Cincinnati dining community because of its combination of delicious food, lovely atmosphere and a touch of history. Have you dined inside this old Cincinnati bank? What other historic buildings turned restaurants do you love? Let us know in the comments!

Teller’s of Hyde Park is located at 2710 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208. For more information, visit their website here and follow along with them on Facebook here.

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