These 19 State Parks In Northern California Will Knock Your Socks Off

Northern California is the go-to destination for state parks. Whether you’re hungry for a hike in the woods, kayaking along a lazy river, or fishing for a hungry camping posse, there’s more to whet your appetite in our part of the state than we can list.

Waterfalls, dense redwood forests, white water rafting, and magical trails along the Pacific Ocean mean there’s no reason you should ever say you have nothing to do when you live out here. Take a peek at 19 of our favorites to make our list, but be nice! We purposely excluded a few of the bullies on the block like Yosemite and Point Reyes. We want you to open your eyes and expand your horizon.

Which one of these gorgeous state parks have you ventured into? Do you have a favorite you’d be willing to share? Don’t worry, we won’t ask to share a campsite, just a few s’mores!