These Disturbing Murders In Northern California Are So Creepy They Inspired A Movie

The words “Based on a true story” at the beginning of a horror movie should always be taken with a grain of salt. Often times, the words are put there to make the story seem more credible, and therefore more horrific. However, every once in awhile a movie really is based off of factual events. In this case, the 2008 film The Strangers is believed to have been inspired by the awful murders that took place right here in Northern California during the 80s. If you were living in the region during this time, it’s likely you know all about these disturbing murders. The event gained national attention at the time and public interest of the case has recently been renewed because of the admission of new evidence. These murders happened decades ago, but they are still just as mind-boggling as the day that they happened.

Did you know the story behind these disturbing murders? This case has gone unsolved for way too long. Our state has definitely had its fair share of awful murders. Do you know the story behind The Serial Killer Who Terrorized A Northern California City?