There’s A Dessert Diner In Northern California And It’s Everything Your Sweet Tooth Has Dreamed Of

When it comes to eating out, dessert is ALWAYS the best part. If you consider yourself a hardcore sweets lover, then chances are you’ve even gone to a restaurant just to feast on dessert—or is that just me? In any case, there’s one restaurant in Northern California that’s considered one of the best dessert spots in the state. In fact, this restaurant serves up desserts and desserts only, and it’s absolute paradise for your sweet tooth. Check out this dessert diner for a tasty treat that you’re bound to love!

Have you been to this splendid dessert restaurant? This place knows what they’re doing when it comes to serving up mouthwatering sweets. For another sweet destination, check out The Most Unique Pie Shop In The World That’s Here In Northern California.

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