These 12 Burger Joints In Northern California Will Make Your Taste Buds Explode

Merica! Northern Californians do a cheeseburger around here like nobody’s business. We may be known around the country for our clean eating and healthy lifestyle, but there’s something about a juicy Angus patty with melted cheese and a soft bun that just makes us want to indulge.

As burgers go, our taste buds can be subjective. So, in no random order and no particular ranking, I think you need to see the 12 burgers that made our list below.

Whether you order with pickles, without onion, or just drown yours in a gallon of ketchup, Northern California is known for some dang good food – burgers included! This meaty dozen doesn’t even come close to naming all the great burgers in our part of the state.

The best cheeseburgers are hardly a secret, so don’t keep yours to yourself. We want to know! Where do you go for the best cheeseburger ever?