You’ll Want To Cross These 13 Amazing Bridges In Northern California

What is it about a bridge that causes us to pull out our camera and begin snapping photos? We have a lot of them in Northern California and no two are exactly alike. As a matter of fact, they’re as beautiful and different as the people that call this part of the state home.

For most who don’t live around here, they probably believe we only look to the Golden Gate Bridge as our shining star. But they couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a few other gorgeous girls in Northern California who do their best to keep to themselves. We think you’ll agree these bridges and the folks who live around them have a lot to be proud about.

Here are 13 that deserve a hearty shout out. So, bookmark this page or send it to a friend. We know you’re going to want to add seeing a few of these to your bucket list.

Go ahead, let us know which of these you’ve driven or walked across? Anyone visited all of them? Better yet, which ones did we miss?