With A Population Of 9, One Of The Tiniest Towns In North Dakota Has A Restaurant You Don’t Want To Pass Up

Have you ever heard of the town of Loraine? For many North Dakotans, probably not! The itty bitty town is located north of Minot and not too far from the Canadian border. As of the last census, there were only 9 people living there. Despite so few residents and the town containing only a handful of mostly unpaved roads, there is one place in it that draws in a lot more than just the locals. Visit The Naked Moose in North Dakota and see just what this tiny town has to offer.

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With less than 10 residents, you may be wondering if this is the smallest town in the state. Surprisingly, the answer is no! There is an even tinier town that claims that title.

Address: The Naked Moose, 344-552 Main St, Loraine, ND 58761, USA